Collaborative Professionals of Southwest Florida

Collaborative Professionals of Southwest Florida

Conflict Resolution Through Collaboration

Collaborative Professionals of Southwest Florida (“CPSF”), a Florida Non-Profit Company, promotes its members, interacts in the collaborative community, and benefits the public. CPSF is committed to fostering professional excellence in conflict resolution through Collaborative Practice. It does this by protecting the essentials of Collaborative Practice, expanding the awareness and use of Collaborative Practice, and providing a central resource for education, networking and standards of practice related to Collaborative Practice.

The specific objective of the CPSF is to provide assistance, support and educational opportunities to business, families, financial, mental health and other professionals who seek to assist parties in settling disputes through a collaborative process without court intervention; to encourage mature, cooperative and non-combative behavior among parties while helping them reach an efficient, mutually agreeable settlement of issues; and to make a positive difference in our community and society through collaborative law opportunities.

The goals of CPSF are:

To create and foster networks among collaborative professionals;

To promote trust and teamwork among its members;

To develop and promote consistent practice standards for collaborative professionals;

To educate the public about the collaborative process;

To support the collaborative process by teaching collaborative methods;

To use research as a tool for improving current methods; and

To support the formation of other collaborative law and collaborative cross disciplinary groups.

Board Members

Keith Grossman, President

Rebecca Beddow, Vice-President

Julia Finman, Secretary

Patricia Young, Treasurer