Collaborative Professionals of Southwest Florida


Collaborative Divorce and Family Law

Imagine a team of divorce transition experts.

All working with you to achieve the best possible solution for you and your family.

Southwest Florida Attorneys, Mental Health and Financial Professionals trained in Collaborative Divorce.

Serving Lee, Collier and Charlotte Counties.


Collaborative Law Principles:

An agreement is signed by both spouses and their lawyers to avoid court.

An honest exchange of information by both spouses is required.

Solution must reflect the most important priorities for spouses and children.

Takes into account the legal, emotional, and financial aspects of divorce, with the participation of collaborative professionals

Our collaboratively trained lawyers help you to the goal.

The financial neutral provides a path forward for your family.

Caring for your families mental health needs along the way.

Providing collaborative mediation services as needed

Collaborative Divorce Offers Your Family:

Protection and Guidance

You receive the protection and guidance of your own individual lawyers within a collaborative and conflictless process for your family.

Respectful Resolution

A respectful divorce without going to court. Collaborative Divorce helps you to end one aspect of your life and begin again without a court fight.

A Team of Caring Experts

Divorce coaches, mental health and child specialists, and financial advisors working to assist you in making good decisions in a time of crisis.

Your Family’s Path Forward

A final agreement tailored to your family’s needs, ultimately laying the groundwork for everyone to move forward in a positive direction.

The Collaborative Process

Begin Your Journey with Three Steps

We understand that these issues are not easy for anyone involved. We are here to help. That is the reason that Collaborative Process exists. To help your family make it through restructuring peacefully. Follow these three steps to get started. If you need help with the first step, feel free to reach out, and one of our professionals will get back to you.


Communicate with your spouse that you would like to have a respectful and private process. A professional can assist you with this communication.


Review the information on this website and make sure that if you have any questions you note them down.


Contact a Collaborative Professional to start the process using our Local Directory of Certified Lawyers, Mental Health, Financial Professionals and Mediators.

Need More Info or Have a Question?

All of our members are trained in Collaborative Law and are members of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) and the Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals (FACP).