Collaborative Professionals of Southwest Florida

Collaborative Divorce Professionals

Are You a Professional Interested in the Collaborative Law Process?

We invite you to consider joining the Collaborative Professionals of Southwest Florida.

Participating in the collaborative law process can be transforming for both the client and the professional.

Whether you are a family law attorney, mental health specialist, or financial advisor, you can benefit from being part of a collaborative team, working in a constructive manner to assist families in divorce transition.

All of our members are trained in Collaborative Law and are members of the Florida Academy of Collaborative Professionals (FACP).

Benefits of Membership:

Ability to participate as a collaborative practitioner

Listing on the Collaborative Professionals of SWFL website as an active member and practitioner

Mentoring by experienced professionals to assist in the growth and development of your practice

Ongoing training opportunities and member events

Network with other professionals from differing disciplines who share the same commitment to the collaborative process

Participation in the development and growth of the Collaborative Law process in our community

Collaborative Professionals of Southwest Florida

Find Out What it Takes

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